In 2007, Albert II, King of Belgians, mandated the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs to bring his authentic Liege and Brussels wafels to New York City. Wafels & Dinges was born, and our mission was to give America's "Belgian waffles" a serious upgrade!

Since 2007, our yellow trucks and kiosks have become iconic of the New York City streetscape. They have served millions of delicious dinges, and countless happy smiles!

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Wafel gazette

holiday markets are here!

Singles Night w Wafels & Mulled Wine

Aerial view of #unionsquareholidaymarket is truly gorgeous! Come see for yourself

Have you visited our flagship cafe yet?!?!?! Great time to come on down to the East Village! We host kid's partie……

Get your team together for a night in our cafe! yogabreakintl's photo

daily Challenge

daily Challenge
It's a fair deal: You get an extra free dinges on your wafel, while we get to enjoy your efforts at cracking our daily challenge (Mwahahaha!).

#dingeschallenge check in on Facebook at one of our locations and show your wafeleur #onefreedinges

Go where no other wafel-aficionado has gone before, and take an exclusive peak behind the scenes of the W&D Operations HQ in Brooklin!

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